Selling D365 – Sales and Marketing Readiness Resource 365

To help partners start selling D365 through the Microsoft Indirect Cloud Service Provider program, we have created Resource 365, a concise library of resources and guides to help partners take the right steps quickly. Checkout Resource 365

As Microsoft continues to accelerate its cloud-first strategy major opportunities have emerged for Dynamics VARs and other Microsoft partners. But seizing that opportunity presents some challenges.

There are a lot of great tools and info at Resource 365 to help VARs, MSPs and other Microsoft partner types sign up for the Microsoft Indirect Cloud Service Provider program and start selling D365 in 30 days or less with Stratos Cloud Alliance. Today we are highlighting the sales readiness and marketing readiness tools available at Resource 365.

Sales Readiness with Resource 365

The Sales Readiness tab on our Resource 365 page offers links to Dynamics 365 demo/trial account setup, on-demand sales acceleration training, Cloud SureStep guides and resources to get started selling  Office 365.

Marketing Readiness with Resource 365

The Marketing Readiness Tab on our Resource 365 page will point you to through-partner marketing collateral, marketing campaigns and the Microsoft Digital Commerce and Campaign Network.

Microsoft relies on its partner network to deliver industry expertise and functional knowledge to end customers, ensuring the user gets the most value possible out their solutions. That hasn’t changed with Dynamics 365 and other Microsoft cloud solutions.

The Indirect Cloud Service Provider program allows Microsoft partners to deliver vertical and functional expertise for Microsoft cloud solutions like D365 without having to invest in a costly Microsoft Cloud practice.

SCA delivers the cloud infrastructure and services for D365, O365 and other Microsoft cloud products so that partners can start selling D365 right away while continuing to focus on what they do best, providing added value to the customer through expertise in industry-specific and role-specific requirements.

Resource 365: What to Know About Resource 365

resource 365 tiltWith Microsoft’s Indirect Cloud Service Provider program, getting started with Dynamics 365 is easier than ever for Partners and enables traditional ERP resellers to easily generate recurring revenue in the cloud with almost no upfront investment. However, one thing you will need to invest is a bit of time. We have released Resource 365 to help you minimize your time investment for kick starting your D365 practice.
Check out Resource 365 »

Resource 365 is a concise library of resources and instructions to help partners quickly consume the necessary knowledge and take the proper steps to start generating new revenue in the cloud with D365 and Office 365.

Becoming a Microsoft Cloud Service provider through the Indirect CSP program means all the heavy lifting is done for you by Indirect CSPs like Stratos Cloud Alliance.

As a CSP with Stratos Cloud Alliance you will also be able to sell a suite of other apps and products, including Azure with a cloud marketplace customized for your website.

Enrolling as a CSP is FREE. To learn more about enrolling as a CSP see the first steps at Resource 365.

The SCA Onboarding process brings multiple moving parts together in a systematic experience to help partners quickly launch a Microsoft Cloud Solution Marketplace.  As a strategic go-to-market partner, SCA helps partners launch a D365 practice within 30 Days.

Come back soon as we will be posting updates about the content found at Resource 365.