Why CSP Video – Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program

You already know there is huge opportunity in Microsoft Cloud. This video explains how the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program can help you seize the opportunity.

Indirect CSP Partner Program Overview Brochure – Stratos Cloud Alliance

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Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program is a partner program that allows you to sell Microsoft cloud solutions with your own offerings and services, or with other services provided by the Stratos Cloud Alliance. As a Microsoft CSP, you own the entire customer relationship with direct billing, provisioning, management, and support. SCA provides the training, tools, and technology to enable any partner to succeed as a CSP.

Demystifying the Microsoft CSP Program for Dynamics Partners

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Industry experts and channel veterans Scott May and Dave Wallen evaluate how Microsoft’s CSP program can help drive stronger customer relationships, increase profitability and streamline partner revenue and growth for years to come.

We partnered with MSDynamics World to host a webinar on current Dynamics partner landscape and options for Dynamics Partners to take advantage of the Cloud Service Provider program

Discussion Topics:

  • Becoming a “Modern” Microsoft Partner
  • Developing a 1-Tier Cloud Solution Provider Business
  • Building a 2-Tier Cloud Solution Provider Practice
  • Sales Affiliate and Sales Agent Programs
  • The Dynamics Master VAR Program

Webcast: SCA on the Modern Partner for MSDW

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Microsoft’s CSP Program: The Why What and How for Dynamics Partners

Want to know more about becoming a “Modern Partner”? Watch this Stratos Cloud Alliance webcast to learn why you need to move to a CSP model sooner rather than later. Get an overview of the CSP program, including options for Dynamics partners. See how you can smoothly transition to a CSP model with the Stratos Cloud Alliance.
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“Microsoft has made it crystal clear that the CSP program is the acquisition vehicle of choice for partners. What’s not clear to Dynamics partners are the details around the program, options for participating, and a roadmap for how to make the transition to what Microsoft is calling ‘the modern partner.'” — MSDynamicsWOrld

In this presentation the SCA team highlights our “SD2T” Program, designed to create seamless entry paths into the cloud market with a turnkey Dynamics 365 practice for Dynamics Partners. With SCA, partners get a branded e-commerce marketplace and full service capabilities with sales enablement resources to get your practice up and running in just 30 days.