Sales Digital Transformation – Microsoft eBook

Sales Digital Transformation is a critical journey for your customers’ sales organization. It’s an ongoing process that needs to become part of your strategy as Microsoft Dynamics Partner. This eBook on sales digital transformation from Microsoft illustrates how DX gives customers the tools that can help them be even more effective in engaging customers, driving sales, and growing revenue, the benefits of digital transformation will be clear—to them, to you, and to the entire organization.

“Considering this paradigm shift, top-performing sales organizations are prioritizing digital transformation to unlock greater revenue growth. They understand the vital role technology plays in customer engagement, and they seek technologies that continually help them evolve their customer engagement capabilities.”

The Indirect Cloud Service Provider program was created by Microsoft to help Dynamics Partners caputre the DX opportunity. Stratos Cloud Alliance delivers a robust cloud marketplace for partners to host on their own websites and expand their Microsoft cloud solution offering in a month or less.

Learn more about how to activate your FREE cloud marketplace… checkout the Resource 365 page.




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